Little Ragnar news

21 Apr 2019
Happy Easter everyone!
15 Apr 2019
Little Ragnar enjoying the limelight during a visit to the Cats Protection centre in Sussex
14 Apr 2019
My friend Tiger!
23 Mar 2019
7 Mar 2019
Little Ragnar is feeling pampered
17 Jan 2019
Little Ragnar visiting Costa!
20 Dec 2018
Little Ragnar wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
15 Dec 2018
Little Ragnar dashboard view!
11 Dec 2018

Little Ragnar loves his outdoor adventures, but to keep him safe we recommend a cat jacket and harness made by Mynwood Cat Jackets. These are handmade to fit your cat and will help keep them protected.

1 Dec 2018
Little Ragnar tries restaurant food!
1 Dec 2018
My best friend Boots!
24 Nov 2018

We are happy to announce that Little Ragnar came first in a competition to have his portrait drawn courtesy of Angela Bourque @AngelCandyMom. Thank you for such a wonderful drawing, we think Little Ragnar would be very proud of his picture! 😺

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Hayden Waring