Meet my family

This is Boots. He is my playmate. I like to fight him and I usually win, but he is very tolerant and is my best friend.

This is Hendricks. He is very aloof and likes to keep to himself. He likes to catch bumble bees. He tells me this is a very dangerous thing to do. I think this must mean Hendricks is very brave.

This is Sapphire. She is Hendrick's sister and is a very beautiful tortoiseshell. She likes to go exploring and sometimes gets herself into trouble.

This is Preetie. She likes her food, but between you and me, I think she eats too much. 😼

This is Felix. He is the boss cat and a fearsome hunter. Everyone wants to be like Felix. Felix is very fond of catnip.

This is Salem, the newest member of our cat family. We found him left seemingly abandoned in our garden on the 31st October (Halloween), a very tired and hungry kitten. Between you and me, I think he might be a witch's cat.🐈‍⬛
Hayden Waring