Little Ragnar news

12 May 2019
Little Ragnar celebrates his first birthday in style!
9 May 2019
Little Ragnar posing for his photo shoot
2 May 2019

Some lovely pictures were taken of Little Ragnar during a recent photo shoot. Many thanks to Victoria Tythe of Photoblonde who took the pictures. 😸😻💞🐾😽 You can see a photo of Ragnar and his cat mamma below. More pictures will be added to the photo shoot page.

21 Apr 2019
Happy Easter everyone!
15 Apr 2019
Little Ragnar enjoying the limelight during a visit to the Cats Protection centre in Sussex
14 Apr 2019
My friend Tiger!
23 Mar 2019
7 Mar 2019
Little Ragnar is feeling pampered
17 Jan 2019
Little Ragnar visiting Costa!
20 Dec 2018
Little Ragnar wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
15 Dec 2018
Little Ragnar dashboard view!
11 Dec 2018

Little Ragnar loves his outdoor adventures, but to keep him safe we recommend a cat jacket and harness made by Mynwood Cat Jackets. These are handmade to fit your cat and will help keep them protected.

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